The Visual and Performing Arts Department at Clark University announces its first exhibition devoted to two nationally known photojournalists and Clark University alumni Greer Muldowney and Chris Miller.

Unintended Consequences: Landscape photographs by Greer Muldowney and Chris Miller is an exhibition that features recent selections of large-scale color photographs by these two photographers working on opposite sides of North America. Both turn their cameras in on the landscape but with very different intentions. Muldowney documents the emergence of towering wind turbines throughout the New England landscape. Setup against the backdrop of suburban and rural environments, she illustrates these protruding towers with an aesthetic that could have been lifted disconcertingly from a science fiction movie. The result is a sobering realization that our landscape is in transition. Miller’s interest is to document the Taku River watershed that runs through Southeast, Alaska and British Columbia, Canada. It is the largest unprotected wilderness river system on the West Coast of North America and home to the spawning grounds of all five species of Pacific salmon as well as sixteen other species of fish. Aside of recording majestic vistas and commercial fisherman at work, Miller turns his camera as witness to the harsh results of the culmination of pollutants from large scale mines leaching into the river.