“Jump–Devolve–Whisper,” audio/video installations by Stephen DiRado & Matt Malsky is a collaborative exhibition featuring large and small scale new films by DiRado and new sound compositions by Malsky.

Stephen DiRado and Matthew Malsky are internationally known artists with decades of experience. DiRado is renowned for his long-term documentary photographs and whimsical short films. Malsky’s compositions are cutting-edge, integrating electronics within live performances.

This is a first time collaboration between these two artists who have long yearned to work together. The results are a gallery filled with provocative, experimental installations that challenge and entertain.

In honor of this collaboration, my desire for their PR announcement was to communicate the coming night of audio excitement. Using references to details of their works, including water and chickens, I created an abstract and slightly fan-fiction-esque marketing design for their opening night.

DiRado Malsky FB

Below is the YouTube video made in preview of the reception.