Galen Hartwell is a Design Producer, with a BA in Studio Art and Psychology, and an MBA in Marketing and Global Business Management.

Skilled in multiple mediums and channels, Galen is a visual storyteller, researcher, curator, and business woman.
Her passions for travel and culture anchor her work at the intersection of creativity, people, and business.
Beyond graduation, Galen plans to pursue a career in design and marketing.


An Artist in Business

Creative practices and projects today are more intertwined with consumerism than ever. In the world of business, having knowledge of the ripple effects that influence behavior has the power to steer the direction of creative business endeavors for the future. Design-rooted consumer analysis no longer gets to be just a lightweight explanation of the most basic principles of human behavior. It needs to be set in a future context. Constantly overlapping with trends in technology and user experience, using applied quantitative research principles can uncover the true emotional correlations of trend. Galen’s studies within the fields of Developmental Psychology, Fine Art, Film, and Graphic Design, lend her the opportunity to explore interdisciplinary patterns within consumer behavior. 

Liberal Arts Education

After recently graduating from Clark University, with a BA in Psychology and Studio Art, Galen is now pursuing an accelerated Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Project Management and Marketing. Having a Liberal Arts Undergraduate education has afforded Galen a critical and expanding perspective on knowledge application. She participated in private research with faculty professor Dr. Jeffrey Jensen Arnett on the subject of generational perceptions of age-related behavior. In the Fine Arts, she completed a series of four large acrylic paintings which visually interpret archetypal narratives and concepts influenced by the research of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. It is her intent to apply these skills and more in her passion for business, more specifically in the fields of consumer insights, branding, and publishing. Finding a space in which to express and explore the permutations of people, art, and business is her dream.


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